Welcome to the exciting world of Pixels for Charity programs! We offer a diverse range of engaging activities designed to challenge, inspire, and bring joy to children from all walks of life.

Rubik’s Cube Competitions:

Join us for exhilarating Rubik’s Cube competitions where children can showcase their speed-solving skills and compete for prizes. These competitions not only provide a fun and stimulating experience but also promote problem-solving, critical thinking, and friendly competition.

Mural Making Workshops:

Unleash your creativity and join our mural making workshops, where children can collaborate to create stunning artworks using Rubik’s Cubes. These workshops not only teach artistic techniques but also encourage teamwork, cooperation, and self-expression.

Puzzle Solving Challenges:

Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test with our challenging puzzle-solving challenges. From traditional jigsaw puzzles to brain teasers and riddles, these challenges are a fun way to stimulate the mind, improve concentration, and foster a love for problem-solving.

Artistic Expression Sessions:

Explore the world of art and creativity in our artistic expression sessions. Through drawing, painting, and other creative activities, children can unleash their imagination, express themselves, and discover the joy of self-expression.

Community Building Events:

Join us for community building events where children can come together to make new friends, share experiences, and build a sense of belonging. These events promote social skills, empathy, and a sense of community spirit.

Get Involved: Whether you’re a participant, volunteer, or supporter, there are many ways to get involved in our programs. Join us in spreading joy, inspiring creativity, and making a positive impact in the lives of children in need.

Thank You for Your Support: We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our supporters, donors, and volunteers who make our programs possible. Your generosity and dedication help us create memorable experiences and empower children to reach their full potential.